Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Secret of Google indexing


When someone says "My blog post just got indexed", what the person is saying is that Google now has a copy of his blog post.

It's like photocopying your documents. First, you go to the photocopier (you write a post on wordpress). Next you submit a copy of your photocopied documents to your HOD in the university (the HOD in blogging is Google) - You do this by going to search console > URL inspection and submit the link to your newly written post by clicking REQUEST INDEXING

After Google has seen your post and accepted it, its time for ranking it - The process of comparing your documents to other available documents.

In the university, if you fail maths and you apply to the mathematics department through HOD, you won't be admitted. But if you have connections that are super helpful, all you need is to call them and they will call the HOD and you will be accepted immediately.

This is the same with blogging. In blogging, if you publish a low quality content, Google  won't rank you well but if you have high quality backlinks to that post with a faith amount of DR(you are the ministers son/daughter), you will be on Googles' first page.

The problem with having low quality contents on first page is that your bounce rate will increase. This is same with University studies - anything you are being taught will bounce off you because you don't know anything (your page does not solve the user's problem).

If this persist, Google might be forced to derank you or you might be forced to repeat the class (update the post).

See why most upcoming blogger most especially nigerian upcoming bloggers don't achieve their goals

A lot of Nigerian bloggers derive pleasure in the downfall of other bloggers. They will tell you "you need to learn SEO for you to rank on Google". This is true but here comes the trap - they don't use a keyword research tool (some don't even know what it is). What they use is either a Facebook group or a Facebook page. My question is, why not just tell them that?

Let me make this clear. If you don't have a paid keyword research tool, how do you build backlinks, do keyword research and also track rankings or make an SEO audit on a site?

Is it by miracle or should I just mind my business?
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biggest mistake webie bloggers make

The biggest mistake bloggers make: Writing on keywords nobody is searching for.

The second biggest mistake bloggers make: Failing to match searchers intent.

The third biggest mistake bloggers make: writing on keywords with $0.00 CPC

The fourth biggest mistake bloggers make: Putting all their eggs in 1 basket Google .

Should I reduce the volume or should I tell you what happened last night?

The journey of the ADSENSE SEEKER:

Stage one: How do I get AdSense to my blog?

Stage Two: Why is AdSense not approving my site?

Stage 3: I am tired of AdSense wahala.

Stage 4: Who has domain and AdSense approved  for sell?

Stage 5: Who knows of Adsterra ads?

Do you have the skills for blogging, have you ever ask yourself that question?

Check yourself very well. You have a skill that people need. This is the first step on starting a blog. Now, what if you are in the entertainment industry and you can't find a genuine need. Will you be doing what everyone is doing?

Of course not. Get your up and coming artists and ask them what do they desperately NEED that's not readily available in other sites? When they tell you, take the average. That's your reason for starting a blog.

It can be as simple as opening a site where Nigerian producers can list their pricing and artists will visit your site to checkout whom to work with and leave reviews after the work is done.

Starting a blog because you want AdSense approval will ALWAYS lead to dissapointment. AdSense is really not compatible with blogs but very compatible with YouTube.
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How get your site approved by Google AdSense Using online tools

Adsense Approval Using online tools

You can actually get Adsense Approval without stressing yourself writing articles just do the following.

1. Get online free tool scripts like
I. Url shortner
ii. Image editor
iii. Gf maker
iv. Article spinner
v. Domain da checker
vi. Plagiarism checker

And many other free online tools

2. Upload on your cpanel and set it up you can get a developer to help you do that if you can't

3. Create your pages

4. Apply with fresh email, phone number and device
NOTE: when applying use a fresh phone number that has never been used before for AdSense  to create your email while doing this please do not use your phone Hotspot rather sub for whoever you are using his/her device to apply and do not also login or check the email with your phone always checking with the persons device until its approved

5. Apply and wait for maximum of two weeks

NOTE: those scripts I mentioned above I don't have any of them anybody who has it in this group can please share or probably state the price biko make e dey affordable cause I need am too.

Google Adsense Approval tips For WordPress

1. 30 unique WordPress articles of at least 1000 words each don't spin articles avoid Food niche, fashion niche, health niche, even travel niche if you can

3. If possible write on celebrity biographies

3. Use newspaper themes make it look like a professional or business site

4. Apply with fresh email, phone number and device

NOTE: when applying use a fresh phone number that has never been used before for AdSense  to create your email while doing this please do not use your phone Hotspot rather sub for whoever you are using his/her device to apply and do not also login or check the email with your phone always checking with the persons device until its approved

5. Wait For maximum of 2 weeks

Adsense Approval tips For Blogger

1. Host your site on blogger

2. 15 unique contents IIf you can't write then get articles from other sites spin with quillbot
NOTE: do not copy all 15 articles from same website copy at least 3 articles then spin paste on your site with unique images.

3. Use (Write up) blogger theme

4. Apply with fresh email, phone number and device
NOTE: when applying use a fresh phone number that has never been used before for AdSense  to create your email while doing this please do not use your phone Hotspot rather sub for whoever you are using his/her device to apply and do not also login or check the email with your phone always checking with the persons device until its approved.

5. Wait For maximum of 2 weeks
And pray for success  
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Monday, August 3, 2020

11 ways How to fix slow index on Google

 you complain of slow index. Check out on how to fix. the issues.

Hey guys today I'm going to show you how  to fixed slow indexing on Google   and why your website doesn't index on Google quickly. 

Have you  ever think of why your website doesn't index on Google? Or your post doesn't index on Google? Or you post something on your website  and it doesn't appear on Google? 

1. Does your blog has a sitemap? if NO then, you can go straight to search console and create one. Because without sitemap your blog will never appear on Google and Google will not notice anything about your blog, so in other to gwt your blog index on Google, you have to create a sitemap for your blog. 

2. Have you ever submit your blog on search engines if NO  then try and Submit your blog to other Search engines directory eg: Bing, Yahoo and others

3. Check for Schema mark up. This helps to clear errors on search console like ( url found on Google but currently not index).

4. build links from top blog that Google bots crawl daily. Link exchange and Guest posting can do

5. Use URL inspector from your search console to inspect and index your homepage url

6. Update frequently at least 4x or 5x a week ( do it for a month as it signals Google bot that your blog is alive)

7. Check for breadcrumbs on your search console and solve them as it also causes delay in blog indexing

8. Share to social media handles to have a social signals. ( facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc..)

9. Check website speed of your blog as Google bots are likely not to crawl your site if any issues or delay in loading

10. Always Link to other top authority sites. Boost ranking and improves faster indexing

11. Use forums like quora and others ( get a link building and trust flow)

There are may ways to fix the issues, you also reduce some bad links in website, because some links can slow down the speed of your website. 

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Warning for upcoming and old bloggers

Please don't say my own too much
I'm not here to chase clout or whatever, I'm here to share my piece of idea and experience.

I want every upcoming blogger to know(including me) because, setting up a blog doesn't make you a blogger yet. It's just like a medicine student in 200level, can we call him/her doctor yet?

You can only make money when you create values, creation of value makes money in return. In my previous post, many were asking me how much am I making on blog in a month

The answer is not a penny. When the time is write, I will make enough.

Here is analogy, starting a blog is just like building an apartment online Like we have physical buildings.

Can you now compare a house of 50million naira to the one of 5million naira?

Some top bloggers in Nigeria spend millions of naira per month just to maintain their blogs.

Simple definition of investment is "investment is an act of sacrificing today's consumption for future consumption"

I said to myself, I must work at least three months before I'll attempt google adsense and other related ads.

Set a long term target so as to avoid frustration.

If you think blogging dey easy e, you eye go red.

Most importantly, all ye mediocre calling yourself pro blogger, please stop misleading the naive bloggers, these guys know nothing or little about blogging, stop leveraging on their amateurish act. Let's all gather to let them see the truth about blogging . All they know is the wrong notion every one of us are used to "create your, buy domain and hosting, design it, start posting, and start earning" no be that poo

Tell them what awaits them once they step into blogging world   rather than lying to them and when they now enter the blogging adventure, it will now turn to another thing.

These actions of yours are causing financial, economical, and emotional trauma for the upcoming bloggers.

To you amateur blogger,(am included) stop posing like you know it all, they call content writer, you will be the first to comment, ha ha, dey calm down. People that request for content writer know the good ones when they see them. Stop fooling yourself in their DM cos las las dem no go hire you.

Gone are those days when blogging requires no or little investment. Now the Blogging industry is well saturated and very very competitive. To stay in this ever-changing industry, you need to up your game technically, financially and content-wise.

Thanks for having me. 
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11 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About WordPress Speed Optimization.

11 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About WordPress 
Speed Optimization. 

Are You Worried About Your Wordpress Websites Loading Speed?

Do you want to Improve Your Websites Speed? Then, This Post is Perfect for You. Master WordPress Speed Optimisation In Just After Reading My Post!.


You should use good hosting provider for your website.
The hosting server of any website is responsible for its loading speed.

You target any one Specific country. So the data center of your hosting server should be of the same country.

If you target more than one country, then the data center of your hosting server should be in your primary targeted country.

If you don't have a budget So you do not need to buy a good hosting server by loaning. I like Digital Ocean, A2hosting, Sitegroud, HostGator, Namecheap hosting provider.

✅Cloud Hosting

Instead of having all of your data on a single machine, cloud hosting spreads the data across a number of differen machines, different servers in different places that are all connected together. Targeting more than one country, cloud hosting will be very beneficial for you.


CDN is short for content delivery network. A content delivery network is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server.

cloudflare (free) and StackPath (paid) are my favorite and Best cdn providers.


Choosing the right theme for a website is very important from user experience, website speed optimization and SEO's point of views.

A perfect theme is that theme:-
Which is lite weight, mobile and user friendly. There are some themes that follow all these things.
Genesis child theme, generatepress and astra pro.


Cache is a collection of temporarily stored data for quick access upon request. In computers, information is usually stored on hard disk. When it is requested, a computer needs to run several processes before the information can be presented.

Caching solves this issue by processing the frequently requested information and then storing it in a temporary storage or memory. 

This allows computers to access it the file quickly. The same caching concept can also be used by WordPress websites to improve performance and make your website load faster. From my experience this one is best plugin for website caching.

Wp Fastest Cache (free+premium)
Wp Total Cache (free+premium)
Wp Rocket (Free+Premium) Some hosting providers provide website caching service with their plan. Site ground, Hostgator and Blue host...

✅Minify Html, Css, JavaScript

In computer science, minification is the process of removing unnecessary elements and rewriting code to reduce file size. 

It is commonly done to web page resources, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files Best Wordpress Plugin For Minify Html, Css and Javascript: Autoptimize (Free)
Wp Fastest Cache (free+premium)
Wp Rocket (free + premium)

✅GZip Compression

GZip is a form of data compression -- ie it takes a chunk of data and makes it smaller. The original data can be restored by un-zipping the compressed file.

You can enable Gzip compression with two ways. 1st is adding some code in httacess file It's risky. It can take down your site. This way is not for non-technical people.

You can enable Gzip compression through Plugin. Best Plugin for Gzip Compression:- Wp Fastest Cache (Free+Premium) Wp Rocket (Free+Premium)

Image Optimization

Image optimization is about reducing the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that your page load times remain low.
Best WordPress Plugin for Image Optimisation:- Smush Imagify
ewww image optimizer Website:-

✅Lazy Load

websites asynchronously that is, after the above-the-fold content is fully loaded, or even conditionally, only when they appear in the browser's viewport. 

This means that if users don't scroll all the way down, imagesplaced at the bottom of the page won't even beloaded. Best Wordpress Plugin for Lazy Load:- Unveil Lazy Load
Wp Rocket

✅Post Revision Control

Post revisions is a WordPress feature that allows you to undo changes and go back to an earlier version of your posts and pages.
For each draft you are working on, WordPress automatically saves a temporary revision. This type of revision is called auto-save.

The easiest way to manage WordPress post, Pages, Custom Css revisions is by using a plugin. This allows you to control revisions from the WordPress admin area.
Best Plugin for Post Revision Optimisation:- Revision Control
You Can Optimised Database from Wp Rocket(Free+Paid)

✅Render Blocking Issue

The most common render-blocking resources are JavaScript and CSS files that are located in the head of your web page. 

They load in above the fold area (or the area that you usually see on a website before scrolling down to see the rest of the content) and are a part of the critical rendering path used by a web browser.

This one option is easy to understand for a technical person.
You can leave this issue. You can find render-blocking issue resource from google page speed insights and fixed them through W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Plugin for fixing Render Blocking issue:- W3 Total Cache.
Wp Rocket Pro is only one of the best single plugin, which is providing a lot of features.


I hope you will get satisfied with this article and enjoying all things 

Best of luck all
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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Major reason Why Adsense always Disapproved your blog

One Thing, You don't know about Believe. Major Contribution Why Adsense always Disapproved your blog

When applying for Adsense we have the mindset of being afraid whether the blog will be approved . with that you have indirectly predict the nature that this blog will not get approved. that's how mindset works and fear does to you.

The moment you start fearing or thinking negative about something then it becomes 50 sure score, 50 failure score

Another thing is fear of being rejected.

Have you applied for Adsense with hope, it won't get approved? And you applied for Adsense in another blog hoping to get approved  but it turns out to be rejected?

Ok, this is what happen...
Fear of being rejected has made you loose that. You always think "what if this blog cannot be approved." But the ones you didn't plan for get approved.
About 3 years ago, I started news blog using blogspot.com and I posted some news and decide to apply for AdSense  
They disapprove it. I applied another still the same, so I decided to leave it and do other things that has nothing to do with blogging.

After some months and went back but this time, I was not serious because I thought blogging is not main for me because of the rejection I get from Adsense the first time.

I carelessly apply for Adsense the third time and a blog without a custom domain and filled with copy and paste news and article got approved like magic. I couldn't believe it.

Though, that's when I don't have knowledge about blogging but this magic happens. That's exactly what I said if of being rejected. Once you have that fear, you hardly get something good out.

To avoid all these. First remove fear of rejection. Put all the necessary things in your blog including pages etc. Believe only on one word "possiblity" Then apply again.

Remember, it won't be easy but is "POSSIBLE" and FEAR can't leave you until you face it and take responsibility..

REMEMBER I'm not a motivational speaker please. I'm just a blogger like you, thank you!
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I went straight to one of these top news blogsites to source for news, saw a post and felt I could blow with it.

In no hesitation, I copied and pasted it in my blogsite and as usual, I edited some lines and the title a little. This same post I took to one of the Facebook  groups  with about 1million members and the group seem to be very active. 

The group members are mainly Nigerians. And luckily for me it was approved. This was prepared and pasted in the night before I slept off.  I remembered I heard a dream where I saw myself swimming in  money. Laughter and Happiness nearly became my second nature.

To Abbreviate the story, I woke up the following morning, I  knew I had three platforms to log on to. facebook,  blogger  and propeller. Finally I decided to check Facebook first, lo and behold! I saw about 40 notifications. Wow! So God really did it. I checked and most of them were from that  group. People had reacted and commented on that post. I could recall vividly the figures I saw that day were 634 comments, and 1.1k likes.

Almighty Jehovah has done it again!. I began to roll on the floor not knowing that I was dealing with title/headline readers.

But I received the greatest shock of my life when I checked my blog Back-end and discovered that the total pageviews for that post wasn't up to 200. "Ekwensu enwe Phone Number", Mummy-water e romancia Reverend Father" in Chinwe Talagu's  voice. 

"Chaiiiiiii, this country must end  today or I stop blogging for life" I exclaimed.

Since the pageviews is small, what is now the need of checking propeller account again, i can't get another heart Break, I thought to myself.

Now that was actually contrary to what happened when I  dropped a post which concerns Foreigners that earned me about close to 30k pageviews within 4-5 days.

Now, I would want to advice you to always know the kind of audience you are targeting. Nigerians are nothing to write home about.

They would only read the title and comment even more than those that clicked and read the article.

I am not saying you shouldn't target Nigerians but if you wanna do that, make sure you already got a group or page and they know you as the admin just like what LegitNG, CorrectBro, YabaleftOnline and the rest are doing.

I didn't post this to discourage you. You can still earn fine with Local traffics but ensure you own a group or page and you are engaging them alot. Run ads for Facebook 
 and page likes if you got the money. It is even through your page or group that you can advertise your followers' products and earn from them.

One more thing,  Brother, sister, if you wanna targets Nigerians, You must be willing to do #GIVE_AWAY ooo, better one or else nothing come out. Except God Follow you create that group or page and tells you; "My son, go forth, be fruitful and multiply" and you heard it loud and directly from it him.

I rest my case. Best Of luck 
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Four(4) sure and proven ways to generate organic traffic for your blog or website.

Four(4) sure and proven ways to generate organic traffic for your blog or website.

organic traffic simply means the traffic or visitor you get as a result of unpaid search results.

It's the best form of traffic since the visitors gotten through organic traffic are most likely to be your loyal audience or customers..
Getting organic traffic has been a difficult task for most bloggers but here is a simple and yet proven way to get it. 

* Posting regularly: 

When I say 'posting regularly', I don't mean posting everyday. I mean having a posting pattern, a schedule posting time and sticking to it. You can choose to post twice or thrice per week. Or post three times per day. The idea is sticking to a specific posting timetable and letting your audience know when to expect new contents.

*Post SEO friendly and quality contents

When writing your blog posts much priority should be giving to creating valuable contents for your audience. Make in-depth research and come up with original contents. 

search engine optimization content would make your blog rank high on google and visitors can easily access it. Even if you can't create SEO friendly and quality contents, you can contact freelancers like ME to help to create contents for your blog.

* Leverage social media platforms: 

create an online presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and even nairaland. This way people see you as an authority and run to your blog for insight

*Guest posting: 

There are some sites on your niche with larger audience than yours. You should consider making a guest post to these sites and adding a back link  to your blog.

These sites own your audience. Guest posting provides you with a platform to take back your audience and still give value to the blog owner.

Hey! Even if you don't have the time to make research and come up with original contents
You can always outsource this jobs to content writers like ME who can create SEO FRIENDLY and PREMIUM QUALITY CONTENT.

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Do monetizing sites with AdSense really matter? My answer is NO in capital letters. If you are a renowned blogger you will agree with me that my answer is correct.

Now you might be wondering what make me to say so but my reason is this, all what a blogger need is exposure/traffic which will on the long-run turn into ranking.

When your site is ranked  you will enjoy the FRUIT OF YOUR LABOUR because not only AdSense even top companies will contact you for PLACEMENT (advertising their company’s products/services).

This is the secrets top 
bloggers  won’t disclose to you, blogging isn’t easy when you are starting.

It is just like farming Mangoes, you will plant the trees when they are at the nursery level, and all cost and expenses for maintaining it will be run by you till two to three years later when you start to harvest fruits from it.

And you will harvest it in large quantity that you will gain more than your expenses and the sweetest thing is that you will harvest it for years to come.

This is how bloggers  works, put-on this mindset and you will succeed in blogging, if you think opening blog will fetch you millions in one month or you can cash out 100 dollars in a month then sorry, blogging is not for you.

For example take a look at Linda Ikeji, she don’t have AdSense placed all over her blog like newbies does the last time I visited there the ad was just on her sidebar only but she make money more than newbies. 

Why? Because top companies places ad on her site, the likes of MTN, GLO, 1XBet, etc because those people pay money more than Google.

Take for example, Google pay you in cents and depending on your traffic you might not make N500 a day but if an individual contact you to place an advert on your website you might charge them 1000 naira per day even if you don’t make that amount of money from AdSense.

My next post will talk about if you are willing to pay the price (ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE?)

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Always listen to customers needs and meet them as efficiently as possible, be assured that your customer will remember it but they will remember bad service more. therefore, make it a point of duty to provide effective and efficient service.


Always remember that it is imperative that once in a while you suppose to rewards  your loyal customers with a special discount, and free service. in return there will increase the volume of business they do with you.


Try and make your product/service as accessible as possible. identify the desire and behaviors of your customers and work on creating tools and systems that would address them.


Remember that not every product work exactly good, and also not every paid service meet customer expectations . accept if you didn't meet your customer expectation and make amendments to their satisfaction. there will always remember it.


Competition in your industry gives your customer options, therefore thank them every time for choosing your BRAND and let them know in words and deeds your business is to them regardless of whether they are your small or big customers.
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You get interrupted by too much use of social media  internet usage, phone call, and unwanted visitors. therefore you must set your schedule and share it with family and friends. also, avoid making use of all the listed above during your working hour.

It is only knowledge that can help you work effectively from home, therefore buy good working tools like computer, phone, correct chair, and desk. these things will make you comfortable and you will be very productive.


Notifications are the biggest distraction during working hours, therefor turn them off when you are working and check them after work.


It is important you create a working space in your home, it will help you to feel you are in your office and your children and family member will not have access to the home office whenever you are at work.


To work productively, you must create and stick to your routine. it will help you focus and get things done on time.
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Easy way to get your site approved for Google Adsense.

Helle Everyone, 

Easy way to get your site approved for Google Adsense.

I want to reveal things i think i know about google adsense which some people use to get AdSense approval.

We all know to get AdSense approval this day is become more hard and harder.
Some months ago I join AdSense community help service on joining their I had from other community service saying about 4% of application were approve so to be approve you need something special.

What are special? firstly to get AdSense approval you must follow this

I know many people struggle to get content/article which is also my biggest problem in blogging TODAY I will share how to get unique content/article to this platform
Although this doesn't work for all niche but at least it will help over 50% of people struggle to get AdSense approval.

Did you know there are some site that is written in OTHER LANGUAGE that it will be difficult for Google Bot to detect it is plagiarism(Copy & Past)?
Yes it is. 

Let me explain better.
Google bot is become smart now but still human is smarter than computer.
Before the trick we do is copy other people content and rewrite is but now that doesn't work.
What work now is copy other people content that is written in other language such as 
And so on
And translate it to English check if it is plagiarism and past it to your site.

Go to Google type (yandex translate) enter the link

Type content such as 
1, How to make a relationship Strong
2, Top richest Football In the World
3, Best Mobile Phone in the world.

Not translate it other language such as India(Hindu) China(Chinese) Arab(Arabic) 

After translate then past it to Google.
Google will show you over 100 of site in such language look for the one that you are interested in and translate it to English also check if it is plagiarism free because another person may have copy the article if not then read if it is sensible if yes look for image that suite it then paste it to your site. 


It is true that Many other site in Hindu and Chinese doesn't have Google translate on there site
But it is easy copy the content.

Search for yandex translate, Google translate or other translator online (although many people don't use Google translate but I don't see it harmful) then past the Hindu or other article that you copy to the translator copy the answer given to you check if it is plagiarism free because another person may have copy the article if not then read if it is sensible if yes look for image that suite it then paste it to your site.
Search this on Google

रिश्ते मजबूत पहुंच कैसे
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How to get your site approved for Google Adsense

How to get your site approved for Google Adsense

Hi guys, i want to reveal things i think i know about google adsense. Personally i stopped using adsense about 15 months ago although, getting approval then wasn't a problem to me.

Now, i was hovering around google 3 months ago when i saw a comment from a google representative about google adsense aproval on new sites in 2020. 

these are what i grabbed from the post Google is now super strict on site approvals You still don't need traffics to get approved, however you need traffic to earn.

Niche does not matter anymore unlike in the past where finance, health, tech, relationship, etc can get you approved faster.

Article spinning does not work anymore as google bots are becoming smarter. There's no expert in google adsense approval, it is just try your luck thingy.

Google requires you write what has not been written before on google, so rephrasing another persons post may not work.

Download sites, music sites and news sites won't be approved because majority of their contents are copied with copyright issues.
Ha! does it mean that my site won't be approved? No!

What is the way forward?
Aside getting your websites structure ready with important pages such as about us, contact us, sitemaps and privacy policy(you can automatically generate this online), There's this approval trick that has been working since time unknown... this tricks works 80% of the time. 

Story Blog you can write an imaginative story of 600 words per post. write 10 to 15 and share to your groups to gain social share and audience. Why? stories you write are from your head and not copied, neither is the title found anywhere. 

(Don't copy people's story oo).
Micro-niche blogging is the fastest and the best. A single blog posts of 3k words can get you approved. 

Getting a micro niche to blog about can be hard, although it is not an issue for me. Now create a micro niche blog that few people are blogging about, write about 4 articles of 1.5k words each, submit your websites to google search console, etc then apply.
Trash all your old posts copied posts (don't delete). 

write 10 unique informational (e.g how to impregnate a fly, how to use toilet tissue papers to bake cake, how to sleep for 3days without dreaming, etc, articles in your niche of 600 to 1k words each within two weeks and apply.

Learn the simple trick to get unique articles of longer length with 97% plagiarism free score.

Final thoughts.

These things i have written above is not magic. Don't fall victim to fraudsters. All you need is patience, hardwork and a legit mentor (free or paid). 

Be mindful of those that will always tell you inbox... the real Gees here will never tell you inbox in the comment section because they dislike to be disturbed in the first place.

Don't be afraid to pay to learn... i personally bought two course 30$ from udemy yesterday so that i can relearn what i thought i knew.
I am doing this plainly to help you guys and not to form Boss. Those of you who have chatted me up before will attest to the fact that i dislike the world BOSS.

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Simple way to start blogging with free domain

What are you still waiting for the right time for you to start blogging? I'm afraid, you surely will stand the whole day, week, month and year doing nothing. If really you want to start then you must take immediate action.

#1. Get a domain,
#2. Get a hosting plan,
#3. install WordPress

#4. install & activate the most essential plugins(SEO plugin, caching plugin, image optimization plugin, a security plugin.

#5. Chosen fitting theme that correlates with the chosen niche(subject) you are going for(install and activate it).

#6. Optimize ya site global title and description, ensure you add ya target keywords to the title & description( i.e if you are going for fashion as ya chose a niche, ensure you add the keyword e.g "fashion" or its synonym to ya site title & description).

#7. Do keyword research using available keyword research tools.

#8. Start writing/publishing meaningful, unique and interesting content using an eye-catchy title.

#9. Write more evergreen content and publish it.

#10. Still continue writing niche base content on ya site, stop jumping from Romeo to Juliet(Tech to Fashion). Stay focused on ya foundation which is ya chosen niche at first.

#11. Don't stop writing, but this time publish 1 new content and edit 2 previously publish article... Try and re-edit all ya previously publish content periodically(do the subtraction addition of more detailed content related to the target keyword).

#12. Track your growth after 3-4months to see what keywords you are ranking for the most.

#13. Start building backlink strategically, whilst you are still writing new topics that are related to those keywords you are already ranking for.

#14. Build more quality backlinks

All you need to get started is just a 1-year hosting plan and a free domain on HarmonWeb which is gonna cost you only N2000. And I'm pretty sure you will start smiling sooner than expected if you do it rightly.
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How to write update about your Facebook groups

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how to write an update and about your Facebook group. 

This group is close to 2 years, and we have been trying our best to make it spam and scam free, educative, anyone that has been in this group for some time now knows that this group provides everything for free.

When I created this group, I never wanted to run it how other groups run there's, so I decided to provide everything for free. In Nigeria, this is the first bloggers group that provides any kind of solution for free (though today many other groups have copied our pattern, they don cloned this group).

Since January last year, I have given out many of my things, starting from domain, host, groups, pages, themes I bought, plugins, scripts, tutorials, and thousands of questions has been answered by me here, all other admin have been trying their best to help grow this group for free (honesty am not paying them), they have given out everything they have for free here, but at the end, what do they gain? Insults from members, they did this same thing to @Degreat Collins after all he did for them, he had no other option than to drop the Admin role.

Many many people here have tried as much as they can to take this group down, by reporting posts to Facebook, reporting accounts etc, using Fake accounts to try and trick admin etc, in other to get access to the group.

Now someone will keep on posting nonsense every day, when we get tired of declining his posts and mute him, he will start insulting admin, just take it that when you get mute, you did something wrong, we can't just mute you for nothing, I hate no one, I have not seen most of you in person, so why on earth do you think I will just start hating on you? Just thinking about this.

For the screenshots attached, I have always told members, when you know that something is of no value to you, you can just dump it, you have been verifying AdSense accounts for people for free, helping people get AdSense approval, where? When? How? Because according to the group activity, you have just only 1 post in this group, 6 of your posts were declined due to the spammy nature, many of your comments flagged etc, who did you say you helped to get approval?, don't just write for writing sake, there are people here that follow the group rules and none of their posts nor comments have been deleted before, if you think the group is useless, leave, the exit button is very easy to find, when you leave, another person will replace you within 10min.

Another guy commented "I don't know what what this admin think he has" I have life, God.

Please I don't like seeing this kind of posts, it kills my spirit.

Some members want to turn this group to link farm, but definitely it will not work, we will remove you because you don't know the value of this group, or do you prefer us to be collecting your pocket money before we can answer your questions? We don't want it that way please.

Let me use this opportunity to thank all the Admins, our active members for the job well done so far, am very grateful.
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PPV Pop Under ads are quickly becoming the most popular ad format for website owners, WordPress users, and bloggers. Most pop under ads are triggered when a visitor clicks on a specified link on a website. 

For instance, if the most popular link on your beauty blog was ‘8 Tips to Healthy Hair’, you might want to add a pop under ad to this link. When the user clicks on your ‘8 Tips to Healthy Hair’ link, the pop under ad will appear in the current window and the ‘8 Tips to Healthy Hair’ article will appear in a new tab. 

When the user is done reading this article, after they close it, they will see your pop under ad behind it.
Every time a pop under ad is displayed, your earnings will increase in your CPAlead publisher account. 

The CPAlead pop under typically pays between $6 – $12 CPM. This means for every 1,000 times the ad appears, you will earn between $6 – $12. This ad format is also known as PPV, or Pay Per View. Please follow these steps to get started.

How to know that Invalid Click happening?

If any of the following activities are happening on your website,
then understand that someone is clicking Invalid on your website
which leads to Adsense disabled for invalid click activity.

If the CTR (Click through Rate) in your Adsense account is
between 1-10%, then your Adsense account is absolutely safe. It is
not a matter of taking tension with you.

But if your CTR is between 11-15%, then you need to be
careful and you have to find out where clicks are happening on
your website and you have to block that IP address.

And lastly, if your CTR goes above 20%, then your Adsense
account is completely in danger, and the account can be
suspended or permanently disable at any time.

Suppose your Adsense Earning is $ 10 now and they become
$ 4 after 2 hours, then you should understand that Invalid Click is
done on your Adsense Account.

If your Adsense account is showing 10 Clicks and the CPC (Cost per Click) is exactly $ 0.00, then this is also an indicator of a type of Adsense disabled for invalid click activity, If you see any such activity in your account, then immediately submit Adsense Invalid Click Activity Appeal Form.

After which Google will deduce the Earning done by Invalid Click
Activity from your account and will leave the original Earning
remaining in your account. 

And you account will be safe from
Adsense disabled for invalid click activity.

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How to come out with good affliating marketing free traffic

Here is how to come out with a good and pro in affiliate marketing Free traffic.

Step 1: Get a blog

Any blog can do whether blogspot or WP but what is needed most is a custom domain.

.com or. Com. NG anyone is preferable based on your niche .

2. Set up SEO for your blog

On page and off page - keyword research, mostly do buyer keywords research that way your chances of getting a quick sale is guarantee.

3. If you don't have the list don't worry...... Create a facebook page with it's Search engine

Reasons are for faster recognition and page growth, also helps in terms of making a sale.....

4. Once your traffic start's booming from search engines kindly make use of Addthis tools......

Copy your Fb page link and promote with Addthis pop up on ya blog.... That way you get a chance to retain your traffic and people that are intrested in your product.....

4. Create a facebook page group

Also make use of facebook search results to create a group page this helps to chat, interact with your followers.
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I started blogging in 2015 with free blogspot. I ran the blog for a year with nothing to show forth.

In 2016, I purchased a domain, I paid for hosting and design. I ran it for a year and nothing came out from it.

I gave up on blogging in 2017 due to frustration.

Fast forward to 2020, three years after I gave up, I came back to blogging.

As a student, covid-19 opened my eyes back to blogging. In May 2020, I paid someone to design a blog for me, he collected 85k from me. The money includes domain, hosting, design, SEO and Keyword research(lol).

He designed a blog without about us page, contact us page, term of use page, privacy policy page and sitemap.

Without all these pages, he had the gut to tell me that I should apply for adsense and as novice, I applied but google rejected it successfully.

Frustration set in in early July, I asked him about my control panel login he told me that he used shared server(OMG). That was when I realized that I've entered one chance. I write for this guy on his blog just to give me backlinks and keywords, my article is nothing less than 1000 words but it's a niche based blog. Well all an story now.

I abandoned the blog and see another web designer to design new blog for me. We reach agreement on July 10 and he requested for 100k for everything. I paid him the money and on July 20 he delivered a perfect job for me.

Not only did he design, he's even helping me with technical issues on the blog.

Now my assertion from this story.

1. People only see the result of a particular adventure, they don't know the amount of hard work and failure you have done/encountered.

2. Failure is another opportunity to start all over again but this time, more intelligently.

3. If I recorded 5k views in one week and you think it is not possible, what of those years of failure?

4. Between May and July, I have spent 310k on blog. From getting a laptop to buying the first and second blog to money spent on data and writers.

5. Those money we're meant to buy me IPhone xmas but I prioritise to invest it on blog because blogging is not a side hustle but real investment.

6. Prioritise wisely, to some of us that just started blogging one or two years ago, don't call yourself a blogger yet, there are tons of things await you.

7. I'm still learning though, if I had stop on my three attempts, I would have been where I am today and I will never be where I want to be in future.
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Best tips for promoting blogger

As an upcoming blogger, i tried all my possible best reaching getting information on how to promote my blog and reach out to people.

Being a blogger is not easy one need consistency and hard work never try to give up because there are better days ahead. 

Many people think blogging is easy even me myself is included when i was yet to start blogging i think it was just to set up account buy domain and start doing copy and paste i never knew there is more to it.

Thanks to opera mini that was where i started as a blogger i learnt many things, atimes i will write article they will reject it, i will be wondering what the problem was until i discovered that copying and pasting is not what really matter about blogging but your headlines, the way you compose your headlines determine the number of clicks you get, your headlines must be eye catching.

As a blogger you need source to get information like freelance writers but for upcoming bloggers like me it might not be easy you need a lot of money to do that, but there are still apps you use to source information till you are capable of employing freelance writers. 

The types of app you need as a blogger is

1. Buffer: This app help you to promote you blogs but you will have to pay monthly or Annual bill.
2. Google Alert.

3 Book marking sites:e.g DIgg, Stumbleupon e.t.c.

Good feed reader: Page Flakes and Netvibes.

The success of my fellow blogger is also my success when i celebrate their success i also learn from their success.

More tips about start a blog 

Hi, I am a uk SEO and just want to throw something to the Nigerian bloggers. I see lots here are starting blogs and looking for things like kw research, niche ideas and all the usual stuff. 

One thing I dont really see though, and I may be wrong. but I don't see people here starting blogs about what you are actually experts in  Nigeria!! 

Your foods, cultures, lifestyles, your beautiful country!  
If you are still at the stage where you are deciding to blog about - consider doing a blog about this!!  I, for one, would definitely be interested in reading all about Nigerian cultures.  

I love trying different foods and would again love to hear about your traditional diets.  I adore hearing about different countries and am sure lots of people would also love to hear all about it - and straight from YOU, with you being a natural font of knowledge about the topic. 

Just a thought if you are looking for a niche. do the niche you already know so much more than others about. 
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